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WorkshopHome Revolution

A 3hr workshop on keeping your kitchen clean and clear. Adding major essentials and removing all the filth from your health.

  • From your kitchen to bedroom Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Adulteration, processed junk vs real, Live foods.
  • Food combinations, cooking-ware, methods of cooking and storing.
  • A brief demo about Vegan way of living and cooking.

workshopRESET-Body & Soul

A 3hr workshop for your body, reminding you the importance of good health & how the system works. A clean gut for a cleaner mind.

  • A concept of cleaning your body inside out with specific wholefoods.
  • How this lifestyle works for our body?
  • Right timings of eating and fasting.
  • Colon cleanse, liver cleanse by following a protocol.
  • Clearing the myth about complicated eating methods.
  • Knowing the Divine Intelligence of human body.

workshopTeach your Kids Young - TYKY

A one-day workshop for kids to help them nurture positive and healthy habits from childhood to help them develop healthy lifestyle forever. Teaching them young is the best time, it is when the brain is developing and forming permanent habits and patterns.

  • Field visits to understand the food from farm to plate.
  • Easy cooking workshops to inculcate self-nourishing attitude.
  • Learning about whole food benefits and simple natural remedies.
  • Educating on Real food vs Processed Junk foods.
  • Creative physical activities designed for kids to bring them closer to nature & away from technical involvements.
  • Special evenings for Spiritual, Emotional & Mental balance for a good & balanced behavior.