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Break out from your regular cookingHoly Flavours

A complete vegan, plant based, wholesome recipes and tips for general as well as disease specific health conditions. Live 4 days in a beautiful bare nature retreat. Experience and learn the elixir of food to savor your taste buds in a conscious way.

  • Wholefood cooking recipes.
  • Science behind combination of foods.
  • Right methods of cooking.
  • Correct timings for super foods.
  • How food works in our system.

Fall in love about the benefits of food and creating lip smacking recipes for nourishing your body, mind & soul.

Who is it for?

Holy Flavours is heaven for clean eating kitchen lovers. Specially designed cool and crazy recipes to keep your taste buds satisfied and not making your cooking boring. This is for all the bachelors, fathers, mothers who would hate to compromise on the nutrition.

To know further details please write us an email.