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About Us

Remaining healthy is simple, it’s not just a phase but a belief. A belief in the promise of a happy mind, body and soul. A belief that you would often find Nidhi pledge towards. She says that lifestyle and overall well being are subjective to each, but these are the sole building factors for an individual’s health and can be balanced to gain the optimum value of life.

Nidhi is a Holistic Health Consultant working on – Nutritional, Physical & Spiritual health. She is author of the book Holy Flavours. She studied & researched in Food as Medicine and mastered the tools of Iridology & Sclerology for analysing whole-body health from Sydney. She is also a member of a well-known organization of Natural Healers in Australia which gives her concrete experience and diversity to her work. She is a graduate in electronic engineering and holds a masters in business management.

Heal & Beyond is a platform to channel the importance of immense positive returns of active and conscious lifestyle. It works on educating, encouraging, and inspiring others to take the leap and make the right choices in their personal health journeys. Nidhi says it is the most gratifying work of her life. She has immensely travelled & explored different countries to gain first-hand experience of different eating habits around the globe. Spent unmediated time with farmers to obtain insight into traditional methods of cooking, agricultural produce, and ancestral ways of living. Heal & Beyond’s goal is to provide & establish a framework for understanding nutrition & health by eliminating confusion, preventing & healing diseases for a more fulfilling life.