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Program - Transform

Completely transform to a new healthier you.

49,999    $699
  • Video calls for introduction and monthly follow ups.
  • 12 Weeks of follow up & full support via audio calls & WhatsApp
  • Natural protocols and action plan for healing existing acute/chronic health issues for e.g. Diabetes, Thyroid, Obesity, PCOD etc.
  • A list of helping superfoods, herbs, essential oils
  • Specific healing tools & cleanse to improve the immunity and metabolism of the body
  • Skin cleaning protocols for healthy and glowing skin
  • A complete understanding of food for body & soul
  • Understanding the self-healing mechanism and body’s divine intelligence. Providing book materials, documentaries, real life examples & proven facts
  • A concrete lifestyle plan of self-care with nutrition, self-love with emotional balance & internal cleanse with toxic free habits
  • Access to our private health community

Why should you do this?

Better Health
Disease-free body
No more aches
Internal Cleanse
External Cleanse
Emotional balance
Weight Loss
Glowing Skin
Mental Clarity

Who is this for?

Transform is for someone who is looking for natural ways of healing chronic diseases. It is a permanent natural solution to chronic health conditions. It will remove all the confusion & leave you with clarity about true health.You will be surprised to see the changes in your health by consistently following the healing protocols.

It is for you if you are looking for the root cause of diseases and want to eliminate toxic habits and take the road of happiness, health & blissfulness.

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