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Program - Selfcare

Self care is the first and foremost important thing.

6,999    $99
  • 90 minutes of Audio/Video call
  • Natural methods of healing for existing acute health issues.
  • A brief understanding of food for body.
  • A plan to overcome the health issues and take the road of self-care, nutrition& toxic free habits.
  • Answering & solving your doubts and confusion.
  • Access to our private health community.

Why should you do this?

To take control of your health in your own hands.
To understand your body properly and make the best choices for yourself.
Making small changes for better health and vitality may give you a disease free body.

Who is this for?

Self-care is for motivated individuals who can follow the plan on their own and stick to it. Self -care is also for people who are already on the journey of natural living and are looking for guidance and support on the way. It is designed for people who are self-driven and can execute an Action plan themselves. This is for someone looking for solutions of health problems and is confused about nutrition and lifestyle. It will remove all the confusion & leave you with clarity about true health. You will be shocked to see the changes in your health by following the simple protocols.


  • The protocols may vary after understanding your lifestyle & habits
  • Includes natural protocols colon cleanse / liver cleanse etc. as per the requirement
  • All our therapies and suggestions are completely natural, seasonal, and local. We believe in cleaning the body, listening to it & feeding it all natural, live, and real foods.

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